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  • Delicious recipes that are cheap, simple and easy to prepare.
  • Love and support from my team and other challengers

SwitchAura is a holistic well-being hub & community dedicated to supporting women to transform their lives in all areas of mind, body & spirit. Community is an essential element to success in life, and research shows we are over 200 times more likely to succeed in our goals with support & community!

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Hi, I’m Deborah Murtagh & I have been a researcher, author & facilitator for over 30 years. With over 20,000 hours of clinical experience working with women’s health, & am considered one of the world’s most experienced experts in whole foods, nutritional-based metabolic well-being plans in the world.

For over 30 years, I have guided over 150,000 women through my life-changing programs.

One of the most common things I hear is: “You’re my last hope” & honestly, this doesn’t phase me as I wholeheartedly know the life-changing and even lifesaving transformations women can achieve within our community.

You can have the best programs in the world...

but without love & connection & community, it’s almost impossible to change the habits we have formed over our lifetime. Lasting change is possible with easy tools that offer near-instant results & the next-level support of experienced coaches & women just like you who have walked this journey.

Behind these doors, you will find 3 decades of research & educational content that’s been simplified into our established programmes, alongside 1000s of women in our sisterhood, to support you & share their years of experience & inspirational stories.

So, where ever you are in life’s journey, we have you covered!

There are four main pillars of health, so we have dedicated areas to meet your needs.


Without the foundations of proper nourishment, we cannot achieve optimal mental clarity, authentic energy or next-level health. Before modern medicine, our ancestors knew that food was (is) medicine. Simply put, food is the ‘information’ that communicates to every cell in our body & determines our health & vitality!

Nourish is all about the wisdom of using food as medicine, so instead of taking a hundred supplements a day, you can learn how to nourish your body in delicious ways that feed your mind, body & soul.

Food is more than just sustenance; food is an essential element in how we connect, celebrate & experience joy! So food isn’t just about physical health; it’s also the building blocks of a happy life! The secret is knowing how to integrate great nutrition into everyday life!

Weight Balance

The Ketogenic Switch was our signature online program that launched online in 2017 through our 30 Days, One Dress Size Challenge, which transforms 10’s of 1000’s of lives each year. The thousands of testimonials speak for themselves, seeing women not only lose weight & keep it off but also come off medications, increase their energy & vitality, balance hormones, reverse metabolic diseases & gain a new lease on life!

Grounded in scientific research with a focus on healthy whole foods, this anti-inflammatory lifestyle plan helps women gain control over their health & weight without hunger, making it a sustainable plan to get off the yo-yo dieting cycle!

The average woman spends over 17 years of her life dieting & given the world of ultra-processed, chemical-laden foods designed to keep you addicted, it’s not your fault if you’ve had a life-long battle with weight fluctuations!

Deborah’s decades of clinical experience & medical research have resulted in a unique, clean eating program that’s easy to integrate into any lifestyle with no gimmicks, pills or potions. Just natural foods that help you achieve optimal metabolic health by stabilising blood sugar levels, reversing insulin resistance, and giving you next-level mental clarity & energy. The secret is knowing what to eat, & when to eat!

Weight Balance helps you get off the yo-yo dieting cycle permanently by reducing inflammation, balancing hormones & giving you newfound mental clarity!

Wise Women

Mindset is everything! We can have the best knowledge in the world, but without the right mindset, we are destined to default back to our old ways time & time again until we shift our inner world. Deborah has decades of experience in the psychology of the mind bringing that wisdom which makes SwitchAura a truly holistic program of mind, body & spirit.

‘Switch’ is an acronym for self-wisdom inside that changes habits. And it’s our inner world that creates our outer reality. We can use willpower to exercise and diet, but willpower will only last so long before life trips us up and we fall off the wagon, returning to old habits. So, we need to get to know the inner workings of our minds so we can create permanent & authentic changes.

Having run sell-out women’s retreats for over 2 decades, Deborah is known as an inspirational leader who brings together the best in psychology & spiritual well-being to help us understand what makes us tick!

Everlasting transformation is possible with a winning mindset, returning us to self-love & a love of life!


Our health goal in life should be to live long & die fast! Longevity is about taking control of your vitality & health destiny!
It’s a myth that humans are living longer; children born today have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. By the age of 50, the average person is on at least 2 prescription medications. We are no longer living longer; we are dying longer.

Lifestyle choices & having a youthful mindset determine whether you’re running around playing with the grandchildren, out travelling the world & living your dream life in your golden years, or too unwell to live your best life! Your daily habits determine your biological age, energy & zest for life!

You are your best health expert, but with all the conflicting advice, it’s so easy to get confused about what’s best for your body. Our Longevity program provides the latest scientific research in easy-to-digest content specific to your health needs. So no matter where your health status is, we have you covered.

We have an extensive library of video content from our experts educating you on the ‘truth’ about metabolic health. We include hot topics like diabetes, cholesterol, hormones, menopause, neurological health, cholesterol, autoimmune conditions, thyroid health & a myriad of other common diseases.

Our aim is to provide you with the latest health education, cutting through the nonsense by
putting things into plain language, making it easy to understand!

By adopting some simple ‘health insurance’ practices, you can live your best life.

This is for you if:

  • You’re ready for a transformation of health, mind, body & spirit!
  • You’re confused about conflicting advice & the online world is sending you down endless rabbit holes without results!
  • You’re feeling stuck in your health and weight loss journey & are looking for a permanent lifestyle change, not a short-term fix.
  • You’re constantly struggling with patterns that do not serve you, yet can’t seem to make any long-term, lasting change.
  • Keep falling off the wagon; even though you keep trying, you seem to self-sabotage & struggle with stickability.
  • You want to become the best version of yourself & know there’s more to life, yet you need support & inspiration to make lasting, authentic & sustainable changes.
  • You want to live your best life possible.
  • You desire the self-love & self-compassion to believe you are worthy of your healthiest, best life possible!

If this sounds like you, I am excited to invite you to our women’s community, a thriving hub that embodies unconditional love & connection. A community that educates, inspires & lifts women to achieve & sustain their life goals!

The power of community has changed the destiny 1000’s of women that are in our community and experiencing phenomenal results!  And they are waiting to welcome you along for the journey too!

Over 8000+ Success Stories & Counting...

SwitchAura & it's programs have helped thousands of women around the world achieve their health & well-being goals

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